Thursday, November 29, 2007

"Everything is Caused by Global Warming"

Today Rush Limbaugh read part of this amazing list of over 600 links compiled by a British engineering professor, John Brignell. Each link is to an article which blames some problem or change on global warming.

This one page illustrates the sheer absurdity of the claims of the global warming alarmists. It's definitely worth a look.


Blogger jau said...

So global warming is replacing George Bush as the source of all bad things. Hmm, I guess the rabid nay-sayers need to migrate from GWB since he'll be out of office in a year.

Do you sometimes get the feeling that many people in the world are absolutely, stark-raving nuts?

P.S. I'm going to cross-post this on my page - I need to marvel at it all myself!

6:22 AM  

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