Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hillary Plants Republican Debate Question

Apparently it's not enough for her to plant questions at her own "town hall" forums...

More from Instapundit.

Meanwhile, is Bill prepared to campaign in the age of the Internet, when it's so easy to fact-check his statements? What a mess of a liar he is. The thought of him being back in the White House...ugh.

Of course, John Edwards is scary too, with his totalitarian approach to health care: "You will be signed up," "You don't get that choice."

Update: Michelle Malkin has info on questions which came from Edwards and Obama supporters. Why didn't CNN bother to read the questioners' profiles or Google the names? Bloggers came up with this info within hours of the debate, which CNN prepared for for weeks.

Do you think CNN would let Republicans ask questions in a Democratic debate? Hmmm.


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