Thursday, February 14, 2008

Buying Votes

It transpires that the Democratic Party "superdelegates," who may end up deciding the nomination between Clinton and Obama, have been regularly receiving monetary donations from both campaigns for years.

How could this be construed as anything other than potential vote buying?

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has pledged, in so many words, to "put food on the table...fill up your tank...fill your prescriptions..." and do something "about that stack of bills that keeps you up at night."

Obama, she claims, only makes speeches, while she alone has the "solutions" to everyone's financial worries. Elect Hillary, and you won't have any more worries about bills! (Instead, we'll just have worries about Bill...)

I'm not sure what concerns me more, her attempt to buy votes or her desire to grow further dependence on the government as the solution to all our worries.


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