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David Limbaugh: "Critics of McCain Critics Should Chill"

The patronizing tone, from McCain on down, of those who want conservative McCain critics to "Calm down" is most annoying.

David Limbaugh writes "Isn't it ironic that GOP moderates are harshly criticizing GOP conservatives for being harshly critical of GOP presidential frontrunner John McCain?"

He then asks "If conservatives can't hold John McCain accountable now for all his apostasies, apostasies he committed with utter delight amid mainstream-media adulation, what chance will we have of doing so later?"

Update: A list of 10 reasons conservatives don't like McCain, published by the Associated Press.


Blogger Ugly Naked Guy said...

Wow. I am nothing short of stunned that this guy is going to be our nominee. I look at this list and just get even angrier because I forgot about some of those things--maybe the rest of the Republicans did too?

Something weird: a few months ago I did some online thingy where I rated my position on issues and it told me who was most closely aligned with my politics. I was stunned that McCain won and I still don't understand how.

I would add to that list of "just plain wrong" the fact that he continually makes it harder to save American lives by his non support of water boarding and his criticism of Gitmo.

I'm going to have to stop thinking about it or my head will explode!

12:57 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I feel your pain, believe me! :) I really thought that if Thompson washed out it was going to be a choice between Rudy & Romney. McCain never entered my mind as a truly viable choice simply because he will not receive the support of such a huge segment of the party. What a weird primary season!


11:43 AM  
Blogger Dana said...

Its an interesting list and certainly there are some items that are still troublesome. (Illegal immigration, McCain-Feingold, Gang of 14) but I think its disingenous not to include how troubling it is that Focus on the Family's James Dobson's reasons for not voting for McCain includes his use of profanity. In the big picture when faced with the true evils of the world like terrorism, Islamofacism, Putin, Iran, NKorea, tyrants and oppressors everywhere, does profanity really matter? Let the commander in chief use profanity as long as he can steadfastly face these crisis, be bold and insightful, make a decisive and non-wavering stand to do everything to keep the country safe. To me that matters oh so much more.

As a Christian, it makes me cringe that Dobson's criteria for the most pressfure-filled, stressful job in our nation is based on using profanity. We are no electing the best Christian, we are not electing a man whose life is to example Christ - that is reserved for the pulpit. Yes, there should be integrity and honor and respect shown for the office and the public he serves but to pick out the petty to use as a justification for something so huge, to me is absurd. In fact it makes me blow off Dobson's estimations entirely because if this is what matters to him about our president in light of having to deal with an extraordianary stressful job where freedom hangs in the balance, I just can't see where a foul mouth even comes close to matttering.

I don't like any group telling me why I should be for or against anyone, and that definitely includes a man whose job is to head a private ministry.

p.s. Let me reitereate, McCain is not all the I would wish our POTUS to be but in light of Obama or Hillary, I will do anything to keep them out.

11:46 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Dana!

I agree with quite a bit of what you say...

As far as Dr. Dobson goes, I don't have particular respect for him; over the years I agree with him in a number of areas, but for example, you may recall I thought his comments on whether or not Fred Thompson was a Christian were way out of bounds. At that time Dobson spoke irresponsibly based on little or no evidence, and I felt that he had another agenda going on behind the scenes (i.e., perhaps he was supporting another candidate, such as the never-announced Gingrich).

None of the candidates are perfect people -- nor have past Presidents been perfect people -- and it would be unrealistic to expect such. It is known, for example, that both President Bush and Vice President Cheney, who I believe are strong Christians and good leaders, have let loose with a swear word on occasion. I wish that weren't the case, but such is life. Having failings has not diminished their ability to lead the war on terror.

While I think it was unfortunate that Dr. Dobson cited McCain's swearing as a main reason to be against him, when there are so many more important reasons -- I do find the swearing a concern in McCain's particular case, for two reasons:

One is that McCain's temper and profanity are so legendarily over the top and excessive that I think once the press moves into its usual mode to support the Democrat candidate, these stories will surface and be used to campaign against him, as I mentioned in a post the other day. Will it have any effect? I don't know.

My other concern is what McCain's short fuse says about his ability to actually cope with the job of President. As far as swearing, this is kind of a chicken-or-egg issue -- while you point out it may not matter as long as the President is able to bear the difficult burdens of office, I wonder the flip side -- *can* he do it? He has shown himself to have a very low ability to cope with the ordinary stresses of legislating, for example. His temper and ego seem to get the better of him time after time. (This is not true, by comparison, of President Bush, who I wish would be a little more feisty dealing with the opposition...grin.) Will McCain be able to handle a much more difficult and stressful job, leading our nation against Islamo-fascism and terrorism? I'm honestly not sure he has the character and temperament to withstand the stresses. Do we want his finger on the Nuclear Button?

Then we come back to your very real concern: Obama or Clinton in the White House. Oi vey. I really can't believe our choices have come down to this... I suspect many of us agree that now, more than ever, we all need to be praying for our nation and its direction in coming months.

As ever, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Best wishes,

12:19 PM  

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