Friday, May 09, 2008

Around the Blogosphere This Week

An exceptionally busy week has meant little time for blogging -- or movie viewing! -- over the last few days. Things are now slowing a little and I'm looking forward to a relaxing Mother's Day weekend.

One of the stories which caught my eye over the last few days was Al Gore calling the Myanmar cyclone a "consequence" of global warming. (Rolling eyes.) The man is shameless.

In other news:

McCain Planning Climate Change Tour: I'd like to think that headline's a joke, but I suspect it's not. One of the ways a Republican could win this fall would be campaigning for the U.S. to ramp up all forms of energy production -- drilling for oil in the U.S., building more electric plants, and so on. Democrats and global warming alarmists keep reducing our resources for gas and electricity, and consequently prices are through the roof. Sadly, John McCain is no more likely to advocate drilling for oil in Alaska than a Democrat.

A Farewell to Hillary: Dr. Krauthammer says it's over for Hillary, but with the Clintons, I'm reluctant to say it's over till it's over.

CLINTON IN EXILE: A PRESIDENT OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE: I saw the author, Carol Felsenthal, when catching up with a backlog of HANNITY AND COLMES shows in my DVR earlier today. The book looks like a companion for R. Emmett Tyrrell's THE CLINTON CRACK-UP: THE BOY PRESIDENT'S LIFE AFTER THE WHITE HOUSE.

No Signs of a Slowdown in Disney's Parks: Disneyland and Disney World aren't feeling any economic pinch. Speaking of Disney, Walt Disney Co. chairman Robert Iger is USC's commencement speaker this year. UCLA has Bill Clinton -- I can only imagine how suddenly the Bruin graduates' day will become All About Bill.

Colleges, Schools Deal With Higher Food Costs: Some colleges have taken away trays as a sneaky means of "encouraging" students to pick up less food. There's something rather pathetic about forcing that inconvenience on busy students, given how much students and their parents typically pay for meal plans.

Higher Postage Rates Add to Consumers' Pain: Stamp prices go up Monday. Again. Sigh.

Country Superstar Eddy Arnold Dies at 89: I have nice memories of my Grandpa playing Eddy Arnold music in his car -- on an 8-track player, no less (yes, I'm dating myself a bit!). Arnold's wife of 66 years died a few weeks ago. God bless them both.


Blogger Dana said...

Oh wow, Laura, thats funny about UCLA's speaker this year being Bill Clinton. I hadn't heard.

Last year when the daughter graduated from UCLA, we heard basketball great and alumni scholar (...and author/historian) Kareem Abduljabbar. While he did an excellent job and gave an insightfully challenging speech, no one could come near the *entertainment* level of one Bill Clinton...especially with his wife running for POTUS!


9:17 AM  
Blogger windycorner said...

Agreed about McCain's global warming and energy message. Why is he trying to "out-Democrat" the Democrats? This reminds me of why Hillary is losing to Barack-she tried to go left of him which is close to impossible.
I also keep hearing folks on the left bringing up water woes in the West and they generally point to the level of Lake Powell and reduced snow levels. Is this truly a worry? I tend to think there are other man-made reasons for the lake level that we're not hearing about.

12:13 PM  

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