Sunday, August 24, 2008

GWTW Actor Fred Crane Dies at 90

Fred Crane, known to fans of GONE WITH THE WIND as one of the Tarleton Twins, has passed away at age 90.

Crane played Brent Tarleton, while George Reeves -- later TV's Superman -- played Stuart. Crane and Reeves had to re-shoot the film's opening scene on multiple occasions. The still used here is a version of the opening scene not used in the final print of the movie; it was reshot with Vivien Leigh wearing a more virginal white dress, while the dress in this photo appears in the Twelve Oaks barbecue sequence.

Crane was believed to be the classic film's oldest surviving male cast member.

Crane was also well-known to Los Angeles radio listeners as an announcer at classical station KFAC for over four decades.


Blogger Unknown said...

How sad.
A while back, the actress who played Bonnie died and, [perhaps I heard it wrong; I didn't bother to verify] people kept saying that she was the last.

Well, it has a huge cast, so, there could be any number left.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, as I write Olivia deHavilland and Ann Rutherford are among prominent cast members who are still alive.

Best wishes,

1:38 PM  

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