Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don't Mess With My Neccos

The New England Confectionery Company's Necco wafers, which date from 1847, are no longer what they once were.

Necco wafers are now "all natural," which has necessitated some changes. Because the company couldn't perfect the all-natural ingredients for green Neccos, the lime-flavored wafers are now history.

Chocolate now comes in four different flavors. I'm not wild about that, either. I really liked the chocolate flavor, which could even be bought in its own separate packaging. I'm wondering if the four chocolate flavors look different from one another? I have no interest in a mocha chocolate flavor, which is one of the new chocolate Necco flavors... Will they all be mixed together in the "chocolate only" packages?

I love Neccos and even have a Necco tin such as the one pictured here. I have fond memories of saving up nickels to buy them as a child. I guess everything changes eventually...but sometimes it's just a bit annoying that one can't count on old standbys to remain "as is" forever.

(Hat tip: Holy Coast, with thanks for the subject line!)


Blogger Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

They got rid of the best wafers in the pack? Why am I not surprised?

My father was a major Necco hound. I wish I had seen this earlier; he just left the house five minutes ago and I'll bet this would have piqued his interest.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Irene said...

I just bought a pkg of all chocolate at the 99 cent store last week and they tasted the same. I'll have to look at their pkgs of mixed flavors and see if any greens are left. Rats.

10:52 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

It's fun to know that others share my dismay! I may have to go hunting for some green Necco wafers myself (grin).

Best wishes,

11:37 PM  

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