Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dodgers Announcer Vin Scully To Return for 62nd Season

Dodger fans far and wide are celebrating today: Vin Scully has announced he will return next year for his 62nd season calling Dodger games.

Scully began his career with the Dodgers in Brooklyn in 1950.

Just to put that time frame in perspective, Vinnie has been calling games since my dad was younger than my youngest son is today!

Vinnie will continue to call home games, as well as road games against the National League West.

A few nights ago I was out for an evening walk and one of the neighbors was gardening at dusk with Vinnie's voice on a transistor radio for company. It was such a quintessential Southern California moment, it made me a bit teary contemplating that Mr. Scully was likely to retire before too long.

Vin Scully is part of the soundtrack of my entire life, and I'm so glad that he's not yet ready to quit. Thanks for always being there, Vinnie!

Update: Here's more from L.A. Times.


Blogger Irene said...

I heard the teaser on the radio this morning that he would make the announcement today. They way they talked, I really thought he was going to retire! So glad he's not. He's been broadcasting almost as long as I've been alive :)

12:45 PM  

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