Friday, August 06, 2010

Today at Disney's California Adventure

It was a gorgeous August day here in Southern California -- a perfect day to spend a few hours enjoying the sun at Disney parks.

We actually started our day exploring the Paradise Pier Hotel, because all we'd previously seen of it was the ballroom!

I like the wave detail across the top of the hotel:

We then moved on to Disney's California Adventure:

The Paradise Pier Hotel can be spotted in the background to the right.

More summer color across the bridge over Paradise Bay:

I'm not wild about this HSM production, but I loved the backdrop here, with the Wine Country Trattoria to the left and Grizzly Peak to the right:

The view from the rest area under the remodeled Silly Symphony Swings, looking across Paradise Bay toward Ariel's Grotto:

The cranes in the background are working on the construction of the new Cars Land.

The Disney Parks Blog says Maliboomer will be closed after September 6th. Hooray! I'll be so glad to see it removed from Paradise Pier. It was the ultimate in off-the-shelf ride tackiness from the late, unlamented Pressler-Harris regime.

Mulholland Madness will close for its conversion to Goofy's Sky School after October 11th.

After spending the morning in DCA, we headed over for a couple hours at Disneyland. Visit that post here.


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