Saturday, February 26, 2011

Netflix News: Closed Captions, CBS Deal

Just a few days ago there was some discussion here about Netflix and the lack of closed captioning for streaming.

As a follow-up to that, I have positive news to share. On Thursday Netflix announced that 30% of their streaming titles are now closed captioned. Although that captioning is currently supported by just a few players, including the Wii, later this year Netflix anticipates the captioning will also be available on additional devices, including the Roku and Xbox 360.

Netflix also shared the very encouraging news that by the end of 2011 they anticipate having completed captioning for 80% of their streaming library.

They've also added a page at their website listing all the movies and TV shows currently available with subtitles.

As streaming evolves, Netflix is moving quickly to meet the needs of many consumers, which I think is emblematic of their overall ability to stay ahead of evolving technology thus far.

In other Netflix news, last week Netflix made a huge two-year deal to stream programs in the CBS library.

What's curious to me is that some of the programs I've read are part of the deal, such as FRASIER and CHEERS, were originally NBC shows.


Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

Re: Frasier and Cheers: Paramount owns CBS and they did produce Frasier and Cheers and own the rights to them. So when CBS made the deal with Netflix, technically, Paramount made the final OK which included streaming rights to show produced by Paramount- even ones on other newtworks in the past. That's also why you will find some "classic TV" shows that stream on the CBS site, that did not originally air on CBS to begin with. It's all about who owns the rights and now that Paramount, Universal and Disney own the original big 3, all of the ABC/CBS/NBC produced or partner produced shows are now tied in with the Studio produced stuff. It's enough to give a body a headache!
By the way- how are you? I hope all is well. I've been on an unintentional hiatus at the Shelf due to a very busy teaching schedule and some health problems with the folks. I really haven't even seen any movies lately, although I ordered a few of the new Errol Flynn releases at Warner Archive and have my eye on some of their newer releases that you've covered recently. My break time consists of reading you, Jacqueline at Another Old Movie Blog, Moira, and the Siren lately.By the way-kudos on your blogathon entry: I loved it. Hated I didn't get a chance to particpate this year.
Be well!

7:08 PM  
Blogger Tom said...

I hope one day will we'll be able to listen to commentaries on some of the streaming titles too.

8:56 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks so much for sharing that insight, J.C.! Makes more sense (I think?!) now.

So good to hear from you! But I'm very sorry to hear your parents have had some health challenges of late. Very nice to know you're stopping by, even though you've had to be quiet in recent weeks. Hope things are settling down for all of you.

I appreciated your kind words on the Blogathon post! It was my first one and I really enjoyed doing it.

Best wishes,

11:03 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Tom, that's a great point. I really value the extras on DVDs, and there aren't any available when using streaming (or sometimes even on the rental copies of DVDs). Quite a while back I remember one or two movies were shown on TV with the commentary on a secondary audio track. Might have been on TNT, rather than TCM? I think THE HARVEY GIRLS was shown in that manner. Anyway, it would be great if they could figure out a way to make the commentary tracks available, along with other extras.

Best wishes,

11:05 PM  
Blogger Raquelle said...

Great news about the closed captioning! Thanks for sharing Laura.

6:53 AM  

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