Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the Internet...a slightly delayed New Year's edition!

...One of my very favorite actors, Ray Milland, was born on this date in 1905. He made many excellent films; of those titles, I'd like to take the occasion of his birthday to recommend the underrated Western he directed and starred in, A MAN ALONE (1955). It plays occasionally on the Encore Westerns channel; it really deserves to be out on DVD.

...Fans of Turner Classic Movies will want to read "Honoring Hollywood's Departed: The Art of Creating TCM Remembers" from Atlanta Magazine. TCM always does a great job on these tributes. The 2011 edition is here.

...I'm happy to see that the 1981 miniseries THE MANIONS OF AMERICA is coming to DVD. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Kate Mulgrew, Linda Purl, David Soul, and Simon MacCorkindale. I enjoyed the show very much when it first aired, and I have an old VHS edition. The DVD will be released on February 28th.

...Jennifer Garlen lists films which will celebrate their 50th anniversaries this year for the Examiner.

...London's Daily Telegraph ran a piece on "The 20 Classic Films Children Should See." I don't agree with everything on the list -- for instance, I still shudder a bit when I remember THE RED BALLOON (1956), which bored me silly the many times I was forced to sit through it on rainy days in elementary school -- but there are some good suggestions.

...Riding the High Country recently switched to Wordpress and can be found here for those who haven't yet updated their bookmarks. Colin's latest review is of Joan Bennett and Michael Redgrave in SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR (1947).

...Barrie Maxwell recently posted his latest column at The Digital Bits. Barrie's columns are always a fun and informative read; this short post includes a review of the new Andy Hardy Collection from Warner Archive.

...Ree Drummond has a new cookbook due out on March 13th, THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS: FOOD FROM MY FRONTIER. Her first cookbook, THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS, has become a staple in our household since I acquired it in 2010. My 16-year-old daughter's specialty is Ree's Chicken Pot Pie. The lavish photographs make it easy for any cook to follow along.

...Raquelle takes a look back at a successful year of blogging in 2011 at Out of the Past.

...Toby's got a couple beautiful shots up of a program for BEND OF THE RIVER (1952) at 50 Westerns From the 50s. He's also got interesting news about a forthcoming VCI release of Sam Peckinpah's THE DEADLY COMPANIONS (1961), starring Maureen O'Hara and Brian Keith.

...Glenn Erickson reviews MY MAN AND I (1952), starring Ricardo Montalban and Shelley Winters, at DVD Savant. It's available from the Warner Archive.

...I also enjoyed Glenn's recent review of William Wellman's SAFE IN HELL (1931), which sounds as "pre-Code-y" as they come. It's another release from Warner Archive.

...This is fun trivia: actor David Tennant, the 10th actor to play DOCTOR WHO in the long-running classic British sci-fi series, has married actress Georgia Moffett. Moffett is the daughter of Peter Davison, who was Doctor No. 5. Davison also starred in ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL and CAMPION.

...Chris Hicks of the Deseret News provides an overview of recent releases from the Warner Archive, including the Robert Montgomery Collection and some interesting pre-Codes.

...Deb has a few recent posts up at Sidewalk Crossings, including her account of our fun time seeing VERTIGO (1958) last Friday. I'm glad she's been enjoying the sword fights in SCARAMOUCHE (1952)!

...Notable Passing: Anne Power Werner, the adopted daughter of Tyrone Power, has passed on at the age of 83. Power adopted his stepdaughter Anne when he was married to her mother, the actress Annabella. Anne was married for a number of years to actor Oskar Werner.

...Finally but most importantly, my deep thanks to Kristina at Speakeasy for the 7 x 7 blog award. I'm very honored, particularly to be listed in the company of such a fine group of bloggers. Thank you, Kristina! There are a number of interesting recent posts at Speakeasy, such as the latest Shopping List, which made me aware of some intriguing public domain titles starring Mona Freeman and Nancy Kelly.

Happy New Year, and have a great week!


Blogger Livius said...

Laura, thanks for highlighting my latest piece, and my move to the new site too.

And congrats on the award - well deserved.


2:30 AM  
Blogger SimpleGifts said...

Brace yourself if you ever see SAFE IN HELL. I watched the film several months ago on TCM and the ending still haunts me. Dorothy Mackaill gives a powerful performance. It's too bad she didn't make more films - what a talent. On a brighter note, congratulations on your award! Jane

9:41 PM  
Blogger Kristina said...

Laura! a little late to say thanks for your mention of my mention, ha, but wanted to say you are more than welcome and it's but a small gesture of appreciation for your support and my enjoyment of your writing -- It's always been my pleasure to read/learn from your blog, and (to repeat) you're one of my blogging role models.. So glad to have gotten to know you personally as well. Cheerio!

8:09 AM  

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