Friday, February 01, 2013

Today at Disneyland: A Beautiful Morning

I made a quick solo trip out to Disneyland this morning, just because it's a nice day out and I felt like it. :) If nothing else, it's an easy way to get in a couple hours of walking!

Here's a flower-level view of Main Street early this beautiful Friday morning:

And a lovely sunny spot next to the flagpole; the plaque contains Walt Disney's Opening Day Speech.

The Sailing Ship Columbia, with the crane in the background which is temporarily in the park for work on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I took another shot of the crane from a different angle last Sunday.

The park, incidentally, has officially announced that the historic Rainbow Ridge buildings which form a backdrop for the Big Thunder ride will be refurbished and returned. As I mentioned in December, there were rumors the buildings might disappear. They date to the Rainbow Caverns Mine Train which opened in 1956, which later became the Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland.

The beautiful ceramic cup I first spotted last weekend came home with me today:

Some sad news today for all who love Disneyland and Disney theme parks: Imagineer Extraordinaire Tony Baxter announced his retirement. It sounds as though this may have been coming for a while. He will still be available for part-time consulting.

Tony worked on everything from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to New Fantasyland to Disneyland Paris to bringing back the Submarine Voyage and Sleeping Beauty Castle walk-through. He is revered by Disneyland fans as someone who is forward-thinking while simultaneously respecting and guarding park history, and his contributions will be deeply missed.  He seems sure to one day be honored as a Disney Legend.

Update: Here's more on Baxter's retirement from the Orange County Register.

Update: David Koenig of MousePlanet: "Disneyland is losing one of the greatest, most magical assets in its history."

From Inside the Magic: "Though not a Disney Legend by title (yet), Baxter's legacy will live on in the parks..."


Blogger Irene said...

I missed you! I was there today also. Actually there all day for a very long day, which I'm no longer used to. But my good friend since 3rd Grade wanted to celebrate her 64th Birthday at Disneyland and DCA with me :) It was a beautiful day! Sure sorry to hear about Tony retiring. I have to read all the articles still.

11:37 PM  
Blogger Lasso The Movies said...

I'm sorry to hear about Baxter. He will be missed. I am however excited you got your cup!

7:56 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I wish I'd run into you so we could have said hello, Irene! Sounds like you had a very full day.

Thanks, Paul! I love my cup. :)

Lots of sad Disney fans today over the Baxter news. With a significant number of Disney Imagineers (or animators) living and working into their 90s, I think many of us just assumed Baxter would be there for years to come. Hopefully he will still be able to make significant contributions as a consultant or mentor.

Best wishes,

8:59 AM  

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