Friday, May 22, 2015

Today at Disney California Adventure: Grizzly Peak Airfield

After spending the morning at the Disneyland 24-Hour Party, we headed to Disney California Adventure to check out the scene in that park.

DCA is also dressed up to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of the park next door...

...including blue bunting and diamonds:

The Condor Flats section of California Adventure has recently been remade into Grizzly Peak Airfield, with the theming now tying in to the Grizzly Peak area further up the road:

Loved this station wagon parked near the Smokejumpers Grill, which is filled with all sorts of fun vintage camping paraphernalia:

The Taste Pilot's Grill is now Smokejumpers Grill:

More new decor from Grizzly Peak Airfield:

And I love this, next to the Grizzly River Run:

Happy holiday weekend!


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