Friday, May 22, 2015

Today at Disneyland: Diamond Celebration 24-Hour Party

Today Disneyland kicked off its big 60th Anniversary celebration with a 24-hour party. It's the fourth year in a row Disneyland has provided a 'round-the-clock party on Memorial Day weekend.

Click any photo to enlarge for a closer look.

My husband and I took the day off to go out to the park, following the same strategy as last year: get in early, enjoy, and get out before the after-work crowds arrive and things really start getting busy!

We made it inside the park shortly before 8:00 a.m. and found that it was already much more crowded than 2014.

The line for breakfast at River Belle Terrace, normally just a few minutes long, ended up being over an hour! We figured we might as well do it anyway and ended up having a nice time chatting with folks in line and taking in the general craziness around us.

The high point of the day was checking out the brand-new PETER PAN window at the Emporium. Those who love the Emporium windows -- and have felt they were neglected in recent years -- will be incredibly impressed with the window's showmanship, as the nursery scene morphs into a flight over London.

The Imagineer who designed the window was standing there looking at it, and we were able to compliment him and tell him how special we think the windows are. He said he wished the executives who don't think guests notice such things could hear us! More new windows will be unveiled over the course of the summer leading up to the park's 60th birthday in July.

My husband's college buddy Kurt Curtis conducts the Disneyland Band:

This group was playing JUNGLE BOOK music, and they were absolutely terrific!

Diamond anniversary bunting on the Mark Twain:

I picked up a limited edition travel mug last year and was happy to get a new version this year!

Again this year the Plaza Inn featured a special menu with an incredibly popular chicken and waffles dinner. This meal is only served at the Plaza Inn on special occasions, and it's utterly fantastic.

Disneyland has a new parade and fireworks show, and there's a new World of Color show at California Adventure. Hopefully we can see them this summer -- it's going to be crowded out there!

For photos of the 60th anniversary decorations at Disney California Adventure, along with a look at the newly redesigned Grizzly Peak Airfield area, please visit Today at Disney California Adventure: Grizzly Peak Aifield.


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