Tuesday, August 25, 2015

2015 D23 Expo: Disneyland: The Exhibit - Part 1

This year's D23 Expo was a terrific experience in many ways, but for many of us the highlight was the elaborate exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives, Disneyland: The Exhibit.

As will be seen below, the exhibit displayed everything from maps to ride vehicles, tickets to costumes, parade floats to postcards. What a walk down memory lane! If there weren't so much to do at the Expo, I could easily have spent a couple more hours going through the exhibit more slowly, savoring every last detail. As it is, I'm doing that a bit revisiting my photos!

Click any photo to enlarge for a closer look.

The charming Little Golden Book LITTLE MAN OF DISNEYLAND was just reissued. Here's the original cover art:

John Lasseter loves this story about a leprechaun displaced by Disneyland construction to much that he was filmed reading it aloud, and it plays on a continuous loop in the exhibit.

Best of all, during the Expo weekend Disneyland unveiled the Little Man of Disneyland's tiny home in a tree near the Indiana Jones ride in Adventureland. There's more on the Little Man of Disneyland at D23.

Ticket Number 1 for Opening Day of Disneyland:

Artwork to announce the grand opening:

The Mouseketeers were at Opening Day. Here are Cubby and Annette's uniforms:

Pirates of the Caribbean memorabilia...

...and artifacts from the Alice in Wonderland ride:

Place settings and decor from the fabled private restaurant Club 33 in New Orleans Square:

Betty Taylor's gowns for her role as Slue Foot Sue in the Golden Horseshoe Review:

A vintage popcorn cart which was used in the park:

Ephemera about various restaurants, including Aunt Jemima's Kitchen...

... and Hills Bros. Coffee House:

Please visit again tomorrow for Part 2 on this amazing exhibit!

For even more photos of this exhibit, please visit MiceChat.

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