Monday, July 18, 2016

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...TCM has announced the special guests for this November's cruise: Leslie Caron, Mitzi Gaynor, Kim Novak, Diane Baker, Dick Cavett, and Jerry Lewis, with hosts including Eddie Muller, Illeana Douglas, Craig Barron, and Ben Burtt. That's sure a group I'd like to cruise with!

...Carleton Carpenter (TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE) turned 90 a few days ago. He recently reminisced about his career, including his time at MGM, at The Spectrum.

...Paul Rudd (ANT-MAN) will star in the fact-based WWII thriller THE CATCHER WAS A SPY.

...Also of interest, coming in September: SULLY (2016), with Tom Hanks as the heroic "Miracle on the Hudson" pilot, directed by Clint Eastwood.

...Raquel has a new list of upcoming classic film books posted at Out of the Past. I'm particularly curious about a book on director Henry Hathaway.

...Thanks to Jacqueline for the tip that the rare Ann Blyth film KATIE DID IT (1951) is currently available on YouTube.

...Also on YouTube: Linda Darnell and Stephen McNally in THE LADY PAYS OFF (1951). Movies can and frequently do disappear from YouTube very quickly so those interested should make haste to check them out.

...I loved the recent live stream of the Broadway revival of SHE LOVES ME, starring Zachary Levi, Laura Benanti, and Jane Krakowski. The CD goes on sale later this month.

...I have a nice backlog of older links to share, and here's a fun one: Jacqueline writing on the Automat as seen in the movies at Another Old Movie Blog.

...I'm very enthused about ROGUE ONE (2016), the STAR WARS film coming this Christmas. It's the story of how the Death Star plans were obtained that Princess Leia put in R2-D2 at the beginning of STAR WARS (1977); it's even got James Earth Jones voicing Darth Vader! This week a new "sizzle reel" and poster were released.

...Here's a nice piece at Pop Matters on UCLA film noir restorations now out on DVD.

...Julie Newmar recently linked on Twitter to some photos from SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS (1954), including a candid rehearsal shot of the "brides" I'd never seen before.

...Speaking of SEVEN BRIDES, getTV has begun showing the one-season TV series SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN BROTHERS, which aired in the early '80s and starred Richard Dean Anderson (GENERAL HOSPITAL, STARGATE SG-1). It was very loosely inspired by the movie. As in very.

...Attention Southern Californians: Sophia Loren will be appearing in person in Cerritos, California, on September 16th in An Evening With Sophia Loren.

...More for Southern Californians: I'll be seeing the touring revival of THE SOUND OF MUSIC this Wednesday evening in Costa Mesa. It's playing at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts through July 31st.

...Notable Passings: Mary Ann King, "Miss Mary Ann" of ROMPER ROOM in late '60s Southern California, has passed on at the age of 86. She's a very early childhood memory, along with Sheriff John...Noel Neill (seen at right), who for many will always be Lois Lane, passed on at the age of 95...Former child actor Teddy Rooney, the son of Mickey Rooney and Martha Vickers, died at 66. Rooney's roles included playing Doris Day's son in IT HAPPENED TO JANE (1959).

Have a great week!


Blogger mel said...

Thank you, Jacqueline for the tip on Katie Did It and thank you, Laura for passing it on to us.

10:09 PM  
Blogger Jacqueline T. Lynch said...

Thanks for the nod, Laura. And you're welcome, Mel. It's such a kick when a movie, lost for so long, suddenly pops up.

3:19 AM  

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