Monday, August 01, 2016

Around the Blogosphere This Week

Miscellaneous bits of news and fun stuff from around the internet...

...Actress Lupita Tovar turned 106 last week! She most famously starred in the Spanish-language version of DRACULA (1931); I've seen her in THE FIGHTING GRINGO (1939), a George O'Brien Western, and in a small role in GREEN HELL (1940). Her daughter, Susan Kohner, was nominated for the Oscar for the 1959 version of IMITATION OF LIFE.

...There was an exciting announcement last week: TCM, the Film Foundation, and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association are funding a projection booth which will allow the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood to screen nitrate prints. The booth will be ready this fall. Hopefully this means we'll be watching some nitrate prints at future TCM Classic Film Festivals! I vividly recall how black and white movies, in particular, sparkled and shimmered when I saw them as a young film fan in '70s revival houses, and it later hit me that that memory was due in part to the fact I'd been watching nitrate prints.

...Speaking of nitrate, as I mentioned earlier today, UCLA will be screening two nitrate prints on August 13th. The evening of "Nitrate Noir" at the Billy Wilder Theater features LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN (1945) and NIGHTMARE ALLEY (1947).

...The TCM Big Screen Classics series will be hosting nationwide 60th Anniversary screenings of THE KING AND I (1956) on August 28th and 31st. Visit the Fathom Events site to find the nearest location. As it happens, seeing it is also a good way to remember Deborah Kerr's singing voice, Marni Nixon, who recently passed away.

...The new Twilight Time Blu-ray of Busby Berkeley's THE GANG'S ALL HERE (1943) sounds fantastic. Here's a review by Glenn Erickson. In addition to USC professor Drew Casper's commentary, which appeared on earlier Fox releases, there's a new track by Glenn Kenny, Ed Hulse, and Farran Smith Nehme.

...Speaking of Farran Smith Nehme, aka the "Self-Styled Siren," she's written a very nice tribute to Tim Holt at Film Comment. Love this quote: "It’s often said (by me, anyway) that you could construct an excellent survey course in Hollywood movies using only the filmography of Ward Bond. Despite the comparative brevity of his career, you wouldn’t do too badly with Tim Holt, either."

...I was delighted to see that Vienna has joined the fan club for that strange but highly entertaining movie SHACK OUT ON 101 (1955).

...Caftan Woman's pick for TCM in August is the excellent THE DARK CORNER (1946), starring Mark Stevens and Lucille Ball.

...One of my favorite child actresses, Marcia Mae Jones, was born on this date in 1924. Here's a brief 2014 appreciation shared on Twitter today. (Via Karen Burroughs Hannsberry.)

...The four-film GILMORE GIRLS revival will premiere on Netflix on Black Friday, November 25th. A jokey trailer -- which is not a scene from the show -- featuring Lorelai and Rory eating Pop-Tarts is here.

...I'm all for bring back the Gilmores and the town of Stars Hollow...but do we really need an L.A. LAW revival?

...Notable Passing: Jerry Doyle, who costarred with Bruce Boxleitner in BABYLON 5, has passed away at 60. Boxleitner briefly shared his thoughts on his friend's passing on Twitter.

...For even more recent classic film, TV, and theater links, please visit last week's roundup.

Have a great week!


Blogger Caftan Woman said...

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of fine reading, and for the shout out.

5:38 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Delighted! And thank you!

Best wishes,

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many thanks,Laura for linking to my blog.
I always thought it a pity Susan Kohner didn't continue in films. Quite a talent. And her mother is amazing!

11:51 PM  

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