Thursday, May 25, 2017

Star Wars, 40 Years On

I'm old enough to have clipped this special anniversary ad from the newspaper in 1978... it's amazing to me that this image was all over Twitter today:

That anniversary photo was sure aimed at STAR WARS nerds of a certain age for whom it would have special meaning. And where has the time gone?!

A couple of enjoyable articles I came across today: 40 Memorable Moments in Star Wars: A New Hope by Amy Ratcliffe for the official STAR WARS site and The Original First-Week Engagements of Star Wars by Michael Coate for (via Jaydro).

And here's a fun Tweet by Mark Hamill.

Today on Twitter some fellow STAR WARS fans and I enjoyed trading pictures of our memorabilia, such as this 1977 program from my collection:

And these:

Lots more fun stuff on my shelves along with these! (I also found my programs for two Roger Moore 007 films. Movie programs seemed to die out after the early '80s...)

It's been a good day to reflect on so many happy experiences I've had thanks to STAR WARS, whether it's been good times seeing the movies with friends, reading STAR WARS comics on childhood camping trips, hearing John Williams conduct his theme music at the Hollywood Bowl, taking our two oldest children to see the films when they were reissued, or using the "Throne Room" music for our wedding recessional, plus so much more. It's been a wonderful part of my life.

May the Force be with you!

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Blogger DKoren said...

I love this!! We share many of the same memories, and I remember that newspaper as well, may even have a copy of it myself. I still have my bumpersticker that says "I saw Star Wars at the Avco Cinema" - always loved that thing. The Avco Cinema is where I saw it the first time, (and a few times after that, because that was an awesome 70mm screen back in the day).

Star Wars was such a huge influence on my life!

I'm really surprised they didn't release it in theaters for the 40th anniversary, even for a week. I mean, everybody I know would have gone. Particularly after Rogue One, where now everyone wants to see it flow right into Star Wars.

8:23 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Hi Deb! I really love that we have had so many parallel STAR WARS experiences. Wow, Avco Cinema! :)

I would have loved to go see it again in a theater as well!

Happy holiday weekend,
Best wishes,

5:13 PM  

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