Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whiny Bush-Hating Americans

You've got to love the people who are using the evacuation of Lebanon as another excuse to criticize the President, particularly those who attempt to compare the evacuation of a war zone with the response to Hurricane Katrina. (Never mind that state and local authorities were responsible for leading the response to Katrina; that's another story...) It's a great example of the current obssession of many on the left with criticizing the President at any opportunity, no matter how silly the excuse. So much for pulling together as Americans when some of our citizens are, albeit by their own choice, in harm's way.

As Rush Limbaugh has pointed out, the State Department has issued numerous travel advisories and warnings about Lebanon, and the Americans who chose to go there knew they weren't "going to Bermuda." Yet those who chose to travel to Lebanon anyway are expecting the U.S. government to instantaneously remove them from danger. Too many of our citizens seem to be losing traditional American ideals, such as individualism and personal responsibility, while becoming increasingly dependent on the government.

Then there's House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who has complained loudly about the initial plan for Americans to reimburse the government for evacuation expenses -- conveniently ignoring the fact that she voted for the reimbursement plan as part of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act in 2002. (The payment plan has since been waived.)

The Washington Times (subject link) has written an excellent editorial on this topic, "Vacationing in Beirut."


Blogger jau said...

So let's go to Glacier National Park in February and demand that the feds come get us if snow and ice make it hard for our own cars and feet. And Maryland paid the first planeload a bunch of cash and is footing hotel and food bills. When did so many people become so un-personally responsible???

2:01 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I dunno... I was floored when Rush played a tape of a college-age girl who was making disparaging remarks about her rescue, throwing in negative comments about Hurricane Katrina. You've really just got to wonder about some people!

I hadn't heard about Maryland paying the bills for some of these people! Amazing.


11:17 PM  

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