Friday, October 27, 2006

Go, Lynne, Go!

I heard Lynne Cheney's interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on the radio this afternoon. She is a wonderfully forthright lady who is nobody's fool.

Hugh Hewitt describes how Mrs. Cheney turned the tables when Blitzer attempted to sandbag her, avoiding the topic -- her new book -- which she was invited to discuss. Mrs. Cheney, a veteran of CROSSFIRE, had no difficulty at all rebutting Blitzer's points and serving a few right back at him. Hugh also has the transcript of the entire interview.

I was delighted to hear Mrs. Cheney take on Blitzer about CNN airing a terrorist propaganda tape of an American soldier being shot. Within a matter of a minute or so Blitzer contradicted himself, asserting first that the tape was not propaganda, and later in the interview that it was.

Blitzer clearly had no firm case to stand on for CNN having aired the tape -- and no firm case for the charges he made that Mrs. Cheney's book equated with the writing of Jim Webb. Hardly surprising that Blitzer actually confronted Mrs. Cheney with unresearched Democratic talking points. (What might be surprising is that he actually admitted he was using them to question her.) Mrs. Cheney's response, in part: "Wolf, I have nothing to explain. Jim Webb has a lot to explain."

I've admired Lynne Cheney since long before she become our nation's second lady, and I continue to be impressed; she is both articulate and dignified.

Mrs. Cheney's new book, OUR 50 STATES, is already winging its way to us from Amazon.


Blogger jau said...

Awesome of her, really! Thanks for posting this.

11:05 AM  
Blogger Robin B said...

I've sent an e-mail to the vice-president suggesting that she's a "keeper."

3:05 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

"I've sent an e-mail to the vice-president suggesting that she's a "keeper.""

Love it! :)


3:34 PM  

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