Tuesday, October 31, 2006

John Kerry: A Petulant Child

John Kerry's press conference this morning, ongoing as I write, is sickening, there's simply no other word for it. Kerry is blaming the White House for "distorting" his remarks about our not-so-smart military and responding with nothing less than a full-blown hissy fit at Republicans. He says that Republican outrage is "textbook Republican campaign tactics." No, I'd say the "blame the other guy" response is textbook Democrat campaign tactics.

You know, I am sick and tired of Democrats like John Kerry, aided and abetted by the media, who play these kinds of games, calling Republicans "bullies." Kerry screws up, and instead of being a stand-up guy, owning up to it and apologizing to the troops, he apologizes for nothing, blames the other guy, and basically stomps his feet and carries on like a petulant child.

The other day I read a satirical post somewhere on the Internet suggesting that Democrats would blame Republicans for what Harold Ford said about Christian Republicans not loving the Lord. Kerry's press conference lives up to that suggestion: "It's not my fault!"

And the media does its part by ignoring the story to the greatest extent possible. Kerry made his statement here in Southern California, but it was nowhere to be found in the morning's Los Angeles Times. They finally covered it by running an AP story when Tony Snow criticized Kerry.

Thank you, Senator Kerry, for reminding voters everywhere exactly what Democrats do and don't stand for.

Michelle Malkin (subject link) has regular updates.

Update: Robert Novak accurately dubbed Kerry's press conference demeanor "almost hysterical" and suggested he seriously damaged any remaining Presidential prospects.

Will Kerry's late-breaking faux pas damage Democrat hopes at the polls next week? A correspondent to The Corner says that "Somewhere [DNC strategist] Rahm Emanuel is throwing a Blackberry against a wall..."


Blogger Jim said...

Kerry is a typical politician, but I would say it is unfair to attribute that behavior to Democrats in particular. Do you know how many Republicans have been caught in mistakes in the past 6 months who blamed other people, things, etc? It is endemic to ALL politicians--not just Dems.

Our system rewards "blaming" behavior, and our system punishes virtuous men who admit to their mistakes. It's an unfortunate outcome ...

However, those of us who can tell a good man from a lout, can express their feelings next Tuesday. Yeah!

12:40 PM  

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