Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Pulled From the Campaign Trail

Free Republic has a thread up that Fox News Channel has announced John Kerry will not be making his scheduled campaign appearances on Wednesday, November 1st.

And Bruce Braley, a Democrat candidate in Iowa, has cancelled Thursday's scheduled appearance with Kerry.

I especially enjoyed Alan Colmes tonight on HANNITY AND COLMES, endlessly insisting that Kerry didn't say what he said. He was neatly slapped down by Michael Barone: "The words say what they said." Indeed.

Barone also said that this incident will energize the Republican base.

John Kerry, the gift that keeps on giving...

Update: Karen Tumulty of Time Magazine on "John Kerry, Still One Step Behind."

More on Wednesday's cancelled Kerry appearance in Mankato, MN.


Blogger Jim said...

By the way, it does not seem like the media is ignoring this story--at all. Kerry is washed up now (maybe not forever, but for awhile) because of the blast he's getting.

8:00 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

It was too big not to make the news, but the media did its best -- for instance, the L.A. Times ignored the story that happened in its territory until alternative media (i.e., KFI radio) picked up the audio and ran with it.

Now watch how the media frames the story. Check out NewsBusters on how the NYT has framed the issue -- they didn't mention what Kerry actually said until Paragraph 15:


The WA POST buried it on Pg. 8, while running an anti-Bush article on Pg. 1. Charles Gibson, anchor of ABC News, characterized Kerry as having made "an idle political remark." And so on.

Best wishes, Laura

9:03 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

See also this Newsbusters story on the lack of front-page coverage, etc.:


This post also contains info from two D.C. veterans on the percentages of liberals vs. conservatives in newsrooms.

Best wishes, Laura

10:53 PM  

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