Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Star Wars Exhibit Opening in L.A.

Attention STAR WARS fans in Southern California: The California Science Center, located in Exposition Park across the street from USC, will soon be hosting a STAR WARS exhibit, STAR WARS: WHERE SCIENCE MEETS IMAGINATION.

The exhibit is described on the museum's website as "...the first exhibit of its kind that combines costumes and props from all six Star Wars films with real-world technologies, video interviews with filmmakers, scientists and engineers, and two large Engineering Design Labs, where visitors can build and test speeders and robots. Visitors will explore prototypes, learn about the engineers and designers who are creating new technologies, and discover intriguing similarities between how scientists and filmmakers think."

The exhibit opens February 11th and will run until the end of April. More information is available here.


Blogger Irene said...

My brother and some of the folks from MiceChat are going on the 17th. They have already purchased their IMAX movie/tickets on line. My daughter, who I introduced to Stars Wars when she was young, and I want to go but getting a date when we are both free is going to be a problem. I am looking forward to this a lot.

3:31 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I've got to ponder this! Just learned of it today when my oldest daughter saw a big ad in the DAILY TROJAN. We all love STAR WARS, especially my youngest son. And it's right across the street from my daughter's college so it's very tempting to get tickets and combine it with visiting her. :) Would love to hear what you brother thinks of it.

Best wishes, Laura

8:27 PM  

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