Thursday, July 12, 2007

L.A.'s Felix the Cat Sign Designated Historic Monument

Tonight the Felix the Cat Chevrolet sign at Figueroa and Jefferson has been designated an historic and cultural monument by the city's cultural heritage commission. (To the left, a photo I took of the sign last year.)

I love L.A. and pop culture history and very strongly favor the sign being saved, but don't know why preservationists insist it must be saved in its longtime location. The dealership borders the northeast corner of the USC campus. Campus gossip at USC has been that the site of the dealership is slated to be part of the university's continuing outward expansion, which has been very important in rehabilitating the surrounding neighborhood -- the Galen Center being one example.

Preserving the sign in a museum would save an important Los Angeles landmark while simultaneously allowing the area to experience badly needed redevelopment.

Some of the background regarding how Felix the Cat came to sell cars in Los Angeles can be found at View From a Loft.


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