Monday, September 10, 2007

Romney Fears Thompson?

Last week I wrote about Hugh Hewitt's relentless swipes at a reliably conservative candidate from his own party, Fred Thompson.

Hewitt is a Romney man, and Romney seems to feel threatened by the new Thompson candidacy. Hewitt is out front and center spinning every story for Romney and against Thompson. I like Hugh, but he's lost a lot of credibility in my eyes, and I'm sure not listening to him as much as I used to.

Ed Morrissey (subject link) links to Washington Post and Politico stories indicating that Romney operatives may have set up a snarky anti-Thompson website.

The Romney desperation isn't pretty, and it isn't going to win over conservative voters who are unconvinced of the sincerity of Romney's conversion to conservatism.

(Side note: if only the Washington Post and Politico were as interested in finding out who's behind Norman Hsu's money as they were in finding out who was behind the anti-Thompson website...)

For more on the Thompson campaign, see Tom Bevan's new column at Real Clear Politics.


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