Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Canada Outsourcing High-Risk Deliveries To U.S.

Canada's socialized health system lacks the equipment and staff to handle all of the high-risk pregnancies and premature infants that need care, so mothers are instead being sent to hospitals in Washington State.

Obstetrical care is already hard to come by in some areas of the U.S. because of the high costs of malpractice insurance. Do we really want to make things even worse with a socialized medical system?

Under a socialized medicine system, where would the U.S. then send its high-risk pregnancies? And Canada would certainly be out of luck, as the American "safety valve" for its socialized system would cease to exist. A member of the Cato Institute says one out of seven Canadian doctors sends a patient to the United States on an annual basis.

A video report by Fox News is available at the subject link.


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