Monday, October 01, 2007

House Resolution Commending Rush Limbaugh

The news is flying fast and furious in the ongoing bizarre attacks on Rush Limbaugh.

A resolution in support of Rush, recognizing his longtime support of the troops, has been introduced in the House.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has demanded that Clear Channel repudiate Rush's non-existent "attack" on the troops.

Rush challenged Senator Reid: "You want to come on this program and call me unpatriotic, come on this program and call me unpatriotic. You want to call me a liar, you want to tell me that I did not say what I said, you come on this program and you tell me to my face that I said what I did not say. Stop hiding behind your special protections as a senator and spewing the talking points of an embarrassing, partisan hack media group called Media Matters for America."

Rush closed with the classic question: "Sir, have you no decency left? Have you no shame whatsoever?"


Blogger Dana said...

My oh my, but some folk are trying really, really hard to muddy up public conservatives... Soros working overtime?

7:11 PM  

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