Monday, December 31, 2007

The Latest Republican Campaign News

Mike Huckabee pulled a move this afternoon that was too cute by half: he called a press conference to announce he was pulling a negative anti-Romney campaign ad, and then showed the ad to the assembled press -- obviously hoping he would get mileage out of the ad while taking credit for being a "nice guy."

As I mentioned in a comment at Holy Coast earlier today, I was curious about a Jonathan Martin article posted yesterday at Politico which included the news that blogger Joe Carter has left the Huckabee campaign. Carter joined the campaign to much fanfare just about a month ago, so this news was certainly interesting. I'd love to know more.

David Limbaugh came out strongly in favor of Fred Thompson today. Beltway pundits and the media have already written Thompson off. We shall see. As I mentioned last night, I loved Fred's video message to Iowans.

USA Today had an excellent editorial today calling for the end of Iowa and New Hampshire's "special" status in the primary system, suggesting rotating regional primaries instead. I completely agree, as I wrote here last May. More on this from Captain's Quarters and John Fund.

January 1st Update: Welcome, FReepers!


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