Monday, December 10, 2007

Power Line on Huckabee

Power Line has more on Mike Huckabee today. Paul Mirengoff writes "Mike Huckabee’s wrong-headed foreign prescriptions threaten to outstrip our ability to report them."

Huckabee demanded that President Bush lift the embargo to Cuba -- apparently because he wanted Arkansas to sell rice to Cubans. However, he also claims he was "really not that aware" of the issues we had with Cuba. Which, if true, sure makes it strange he would then want the U.S. to drop the embargo. Except that he wanted to sell rice in Cuba...

More from Power Line here; National Review weighs in here.

Aside from Huckabee's positions on foreign policy, there's also this: Huckabee pretending to have a phone conversation with God at a meeting of Republican Governors in 2004. I dislike the disrespectful, even crass way Huckabee weaves God and religion into his politics. (I've previously mentioned his comment about "drinking a different Jesus juice" from Republican Christians with whom he disagrees.) No class.

The lineup of Republican candidates doesn't thrill me, but I find it disheartening that Huckabee seems to be running so strongly in the polls. I can't imagine all those voters are yet fully informed about Huckabee's liberal track record.

We can only hope Huckabee is this year's Howard Dean, a momentary flash in the pan.


Blogger Dana said...

If Huckabee was really not that aware of the issues we had with Cuba, then he has absolutely no business even considering becoming POTUS. This is not naivete but sheer ignorance. He needs to stick to some feely-good pulpit and sing kumbyah with the other do gooders.

6:43 PM  

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