Monday, December 10, 2007

Coming to DVD: Musicals From The Dream Factory, Volume 3

Great news for fans of MGM musicals. Next April 8 Warners will release a set of 9 -- count 'em, 9! -- MGM musicals.

Most of the films star either Jane Powell or Eleanor Powell. Jane will be represented by TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE (a film I have long hoped would come to DVD), HIT THE DECK and NANCY GOES TO RIO. Eleanor's films include LADY BE GOOD, BROADWAY MELODY OF 1936, BROADWAY MELODY OF 1938, and BORN TO DANCE. The other two films in the set are KISMET and DEEP IN MY HEART.

Debbie Reynolds costarred in TWO WEEKS WITH LOVE and HIT THE DECK; it would sure be wonderful if Warners gives us some new featurettes or commentaries with Reynolds and Jane Powell.

If you'd like to check out the titles included in the previous releases, Volume I is here and Volume 2 is here.

Titles I'm hoping come to DVD in the future: YOLANDA AND THE THIEF (perhaps this will be in an upcoming Astaire set), THE GLASS SLIPPER, LOVELY TO LOOK AT, TWO GIRLS AND A SAILOR, LILI, and more Jane Powell (ATHENA, LUXURY LINER, HOLIDAY IN MEXICO). This latest release of lesser-known titles encourages me that we might see some of these titles in a future Volume 4.

A new two-disc edition of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is rumored to be a 2008 release, incidentally...

Tuesday Update: Here's a press release with all the details. Extras include outtakes, shorts, a TCM documentary, and radio programs, but apparently there is no new material in terms of featurettes or commentary, which is too bad.


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