Sunday, February 10, 2008

"England's Crisis Is Ours Too"

A thought-provoking article by David Warren, originally published in the Ottawa Citizen, about the rise of Islam in Europe.

I have great respect for Bishop Michael Nazir-Ali (the current Archbishop of Canterbury, er, not so much!)'s disturbing that Bishop Nazir-Ali has had to be placed under police protection merely for stating his opinions.

If that kind of thing can happen in England, it can also happen here...unless Americans are willing to end political correctness regarding Islam, I suspect eventually it will.

Monday Update: A couple articles following up on the above: John O'Sullivan on the Archbishop of Canterbury, and a story from London's Daily Telegraph about female Muslim medical students refusing to follow hygiene rules which they claim violate their religious beliefs. The latter article in particular makes one wonder what it's going to take to stop the Muslim accommodation insanity in Western countries...


Blogger Dana said...

My God, can the writing on the wall be any clearer? This is shocking, frightening and only a fool would not realize the dangers ahead, not only for England but for any free democratic society.

8:43 PM  

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