Monday, March 03, 2008

New Book: The Rise and Fall of Dodgertown

Nostalgic Dodger fans are aware that the Dodgers are spending their last spring training in Vero Beach; next year they relocate to Arizona, after six decades of springs in Florida.

The L.A. Times reviewed a new book on Dodgertown's history today. THE RISE AND FALL OF DODGERTOWN: 60 YEARS OF BASEBALL IN VERO BEACH is by Rody L. Johnson.

I have particularly fond memories of listening to Vin Scully, Jerry Doggett, and Ross Porter broadcast spring training games from Dodgertown when I was a teenager. Those pre-season games really gave listeners the chance to get to know a lot about that year's team, and there was also time for plenty of leisurely anecdotes about Vero Beach traditions, such as green caps and bases on St. Patrick's Day or the annual spring Christmas party.

Time marches on, but this book sounds like a wonderful slice of history for baseball fans in general and Dodger fans in particular.


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