Friday, March 14, 2008

Today at Disneyland

It was a beautiful almost-spring day at Disneyland. Below, the tulips greeting us at Town Square:

We were able to go on the Submarine Voyage for just the second time since it reopened last summer. Dive!

A view of the underwater scenery in the first part of the ride:

A cast member told us that our submarine, Scout, was the Sea Wolf once upon a time. This Mice Chat thread has some history on the submarine names.

Here's another view out the submarine window:

A pretty view of Big Thunder Mountain:

Dynamite the goat is back on his perch at Big Thunder Mountain after being rehabbed. He seems to be a new color.

It's almost spring at the Hub:

Fudge, glorious fudge, on display in the Main Street Candy Palace:

My husband and youngest son are celebrating birthdays this week, so we had some fudge to celebrate!

This weekend I plan to post some photos taken at the Art of Snow White exhibit at Disney's California Adventure.


Blogger Irene said...

Jennifer and I have been going to the park about once a week lately. We went this past Thursday to see the new parade in DCA. I posted some photos on my blog plus on the post below that are photos I took when I went to see Regis and Kelly while they were here in LA.

The park is not as crowded as I expected. I believe it is because "Spring Break" is being spread out through March and April as Easter is early. Just last week the pink flowers on the trees in the Hub were beginning to show and then we noticed how many more there were this week. So purty. :) We also got on the subs for a change because they canceled the fireworks due to winds and we beat the crowd!

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