Friday, April 04, 2008

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A memorial service for William F. Buckley Jr. was held today at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The 2200 mourners included Henry Kissinger, Rush Limbaugh, and Tom Selleck, as well as a "who's who" of political pundits.

Deroy Murdock shares his memories of Buckley at National Review Online.


Lived to Tell About It: Thanks to safety improvements over the last few years, Michael McDowell walked away from a mind-blowing wreck which occurred during NASCAR qualifying today. Check out the YouTube video, as well as the second video in which an A-OK McDowell is simply sorry about making more work for the guys in the garage.

Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education: The Heritage Foundation rounds up a bunch of interesting stats on the growing homeschooling movement in the United States.

Bill and Hillary Clinton Disclose Wealth: The millions the former President has made as an "advisor" to billionaire Ron Burkle seem most likely to raise eyebrows...some have speculated in the past that this might be a back-door way for Burkle to help fund Hillary's campaign. Can Be Sued for Violating Fair Housing Laws: The 9th Circuit strikes again. Citizens aren't allowed to choose the gender of potential roommates? Riiiiiight.

DVD Review: Warner Gangsters Collection Vol. 3: J.C. Loophole reviews the new Warner Gangsters Collection Volume 3 at The Shelf.


Blogger J.C. Loophole said...

Thanks for plug Laura- as always it is greatly appreciated!
On another note: RE: Clinton's tax records- not defending any of these people, but I've often wondered if I would like a potential employer asking for my tax returns. I know it conveys something to the American people (esp. just where the Clintons are making money. Her Senate salary was less than the taxes they paid! And they can't write that many books)- but to me it's a bit of quandry- I sure don't want my boss looking at my taxes- it's none of her business. But at the same time - I guess We the People want to have some semblance that we know what we're paying for- I guess.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Dana said...

Nice roundup, Laura. Thank you. It was so inspiring to read not only Deroy Murdock's tribute but I especially enjoyed Christopher Buckley's piece, also at NRO, "My Old Man and the Sea". Such a wealth of memories he has.

10:22 PM  

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