Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas at Disneyland: New Orleans Square

New Orleans Square is perhaps my favorite area in Disneyland. I love the extensively detailed theming and the wandering streets and hidden corners.

New Orleans Square is especially beautiful at Christmas. Every year we take our children's photos on a staircase hidden away in a little courtyard called Court des Anges (Angels Court):

Unfortunately Disneyland management has turned this courtyard into a miniature Christmas ornament store, but you can still squeeze in and take photos on the staircase.

The tree in Court des Anges:

While we were taking our photos we helped a very nice couple take their photos as well. It turned out they were Trojan alumni whose first date had been at Disneyland, so our families had quite a bit in common!

The street outside Court des Anges by day:

and by night:

Some of the decorations above the Blue Bayou and Club 33:

A balcony and the front windows of the exclusive Club 33:

Finally, a scenic view of the Rivers of America from New Orleans Square, showing the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoes and the Mark Twain:

I'll be sharing photos of more Disneyland Christmas decorations in the near future.


Blogger Terri said...

You are a Disney addict! Did you realize that? LOL

I have a friend Kether and another friend Jen, who are the same way. To tell you the truth, I think my husband is a closet Disney addict too!

Enjoy your Sunday!

3:09 AM  

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