Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Book: Victor Fleming: An American Movie Master

There seem to be a number of interesting new books of late which will be of interest to fans of classic movies.

Last week saw the release of Michael Sragow's VICTOR FLEMING: AN AMERICAN MOVIE MASTER, about one of MGM's best-known directors. Two of Fleming's films were released in 1939: GONE WITH THE WIND and THE WIZARD OF OZ. (In reality, Fleming wasn't the only director to work on those films, but that's another story...) The book is 656 pages.

Highly regarded film historian Jeanine Basinger -- whose book THE STAR MACHINE is one of my favorite film books -- reviews Sragow's book for the New York Times and says it's a "thoroughly researched, detailed book."

Historian Scott Eyman says that the book is "impeccably researched."

Reviews can also be read in the Los Angeles Times, Baltimore Sun, and The Washington Post.

Sounds like this is one more book for my growing 2009 reading wish list!


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