Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Well-Deserved Honor

The American Sportscasters Association has named Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully the "Top Sportscaster of All Time."

The 2009 season will be Vinnie's 60th year covering the Dodgers. If by some chance you're not familiar with Vin Scully, you read that number correctly -- 60 years.

On a sadder note, I was disappointed to learn my all-time favorite pitcher, one-time Dodger Tommy John, has not made the Hall of Fame. He is the pitcher with the most wins who isn't in the Hall of Fame. Given the obstacles TJ overcame to achieve his record -- he was the first to have the arm surgery which bears his name -- it seems like a particularly unfair omission.

In other Dodger news, it looks as though reliever Guillermo Mota, son of the legendary Dodger Manny Mota, may be returning to the team.

Update: I just learned of the passing of Preston Gomez, who was a Dodgers coach for several years. Gomez was 85. Gomez, who at one time managed the Chicago Cubs and the Houston Astros, also worked for the Angels for 27 years.

Gomez had never fully recovered from being injured in a freak accident at a California gas station nine months ago.

January 14th Update: See today's post, "Scully Revisits Larsen's Perfect Game."


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