Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New on DVD: To Catch a Thief (1955)

Alfred Hitchcock's TO CATCH A THIEF, starring Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, has been released today in a new two-disc special edition in the Paramount Centennial Collection.

The movie has had previous DVD releases in 2002 and 2007. The picture quality of the 2007 DVD was widely acknowledged to be a vast improvement over the previous release.

The new edition has new extras, including a commentary track by Drew Casper, who holds the Alma and Alfred Hitchcock Chair at USC. Casper has previously recorded commentary tracks for Hitchcock's LIFEBOAT and the most recent release of NOTORIOUS.

Additional new extras include featurettes about the Production Code and a Q&A session with Alfred Hitchcock's daughter, Patricia, at Casper's USC film class. There are also multiple featurettes specific to TO CATCH A THIEF; some are holdovers from previous releases, including a featurette about costume designer Edith Head.

A review at DVD Talk sorts out new and old extras for those who may already own the movie and are considering whether to invest in the latest release. This post at DVD Times also differentiates new and old extras.

As long as they were reissuing the movie again, it would have been nice if they could have offered "value added" and included the Peter Bogdanovich commentary from the 2007 release, but otherwise this set looks like a great buy for fans of Hitchcock, Grant, and Kelly.


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