Monday, March 30, 2009

USC Dedicates New School for Cinematic Arts; Barrymore Exhibit Comes to Doheny Library

Yesterday George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were on hand for the dedication of the new USC School of Cinematic Arts building.

As I wrote in 2006, the new building was largely funded with Lucas's $175 million donation -- largest in USC history.

Accounts of the dedication can be read at the L.A. Times (click title of post) and Variety.

I posted a couple construction photos last August. A photo of the finished building is here.

I'm especially looking forward to seeing the courtyard statue of Douglas Fairbanks, who helped found the cinema school 80 years ago this year.

Elsewhere on the campus, a photo exhibit on the Barrymores has just opened at Doheny Library.

The exhibit will include some of Lionel Barrymore's original artwork. USC's Barrymore collection includes scripts Lionel donated to the school.

For those who are in the area, the Barrymore exhibit is open Monday through Friday until July 31st.


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