Sunday, May 03, 2009

New Star Tours Ride Film in Production?

That's the rumor at Slash Film, which says a secret STAR WARS production is shooting in Hollywood.

If true, this is news Disney fans have been hoping for for several years now. The classic Disneyland ride, now over two decades old, is in need of an update.

My one regret is that prequel characters are supposedly now going to be mixed in with characters from the original trilogy. The "new" movies just never caught on with me -- in fact, I never bothered to see REVENGE OF THE SITH -- whereas I have seen the films in the original trilogy countless times. The newer films seem to be dark, dreary, and lacking in heart.

I'd just as soon Disney's STAR WARS universe remains firmly grounded solely in Films IV through VI, but perhaps I'm in the minority in that regard.


Blogger Kori and Ken Pellman said...

Imagineering has had fleshed-out concepts for a long time, but everything seemed to get bogged down between Disney's lawyers and Lucas' lawyers. That seemed to clear up after Eisner left Disney.

"Sith" (Episode III) is the best of the new three. I'd say Episodes III, IV, and V are one of the best trilogies ever, though of course that would leave things kind of hanging.

Lucas should have let some better writer work out the dialogue in III, and there is a self-defeating statement that could have been removed from the film easily: "Only the Sith speak in absolutes." Ugh. But it did have some great moments.

For me, "The Lord of the Rings" remains the best film trilogy ever.

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