Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New on DVD: Ivanhoe (1982)

IVANHOE is another great TV-movie from the early '80s that would have been on a future TV on DVD Wish List. Happily, that's a post I won't need to write, as I just discovered IVANHOE came out on DVD on May 5, 2009.

This version of IVANHOE stars Anthony Andrews in the title role. Andrews was one of the stars of DANGER: UXB (1979), BRIDESHEAD REVISITED (1981), and a truly marvelous version of THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (1982), which also starred Jane Seymour and Ian McKellen.

IVANHOE costars two superb actors, James Mason and Sam Neill. The cast also includes Olivia Hussey, Michael Hordern, Lysette Anthony, Julian Glover, David Robb, and John Rhys-Davies.

It's exciting to discover that suddenly a number of fondly remembered TV-movies are making it to DVD. Hopefully this bodes well for even more good titles to show up soon.


Blogger Rupert said...

I saw this film when released on TV in the early 80's. I really enjoyed it but being an Olivia Hussey fan I am biased. It did a fine job bringing the period to life and I'm glad to see that it is now available to enjoy again.


4:40 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Nice to hear from someone else who remembers seeing this. :) I'm looking forward to having the chance to see it again.

Best wishes,

9:41 AM  

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