Thursday, July 23, 2009

Disneyland Paris: Main Street, U.S.A.

As our photographic tour of Disneyland Paris nears its end, today we visit the first land visitors see when they enter the park: Main Street, U.S.A.

Main Street in Paris is incredibly detailed and beautiful. It was one of my favorite areas of the park.

City Hall! It almost feels like being in Orlando.

The Main Street Gazette...

...and a closeup of one of the entrances to the Emporium. One feels right at home, even with the occasional sign in French!

Notice that some of the Main Street buildings have fairly dark colors. While Orlando's Main Street was painted in "cool" colors because of the year-round heat, Main Street in Paris was painted in "warm" colors to give guests a bit of a psychological lift, since the temperatures in Paris are often chilly.

As these photos have shown, the sun only peeked through for short periods during our three-day visit in mid-May.

Another example of Main Street's darker colors:

This reminds me of the area around Anaheim's Main Street Cone Shop and Market House, although Anaheim's Market House doesn't have a delicatessen.

The ice cream parlor, which features the ever-present Ben and Jerry's:

And the Cable Car Bake Shop:

Casey's Corner is very reminiscent of Casey's in Florida, as well as Anaheim's Coca-Cola Corner:

The steam coming out of this coffee cup on a sign is just one of the many Main Street details I love; click to enlarge for a better view:

This window paying tribute to Walt and Roy Disney says Two Brothers, Inc., Dreamers and Doers: "If we can Dream it, we can Do it!" Below their names it says "Founders and Partners."

Main Street in Paris also has windows in honor of Michael Eisner, Marty Sklar, and the late Frank Wells, among others.

A view of Discoveryland and Space Mountain from the Hub at the end of Main Street:

One of the unique features in Disneyland Paris is the Main Street arcades, which run parallel to Main Street itself. These arcades, which allow visitors to travel the length of Main Street as well as enter Main Street shops through back entrances, relieve congestion on Main Street and provide protection from inclement weather.

An entrance to the Discovery Arcade:

Another view of an entrance to the Discovery Arcade:

The arcade interiors are visually appealing, with numerous interesting posters and signs. This was taken inside the Discovery Arcade:

Here is a video posted on the 'Net of the inside of the Liberty Arcade, which includes Liberty Court, an area paying tribute to the Statue of Liberty:

Plaza Gardens is reminiscent of Anaheim's Plaza Inn (not to mention the Plaza Pavilion, which is now Anaheim's Annual Pass Center). We ate lunch here our second day in the park.

As in other Disney parks, Main Street is home to old-time vehicles as well as a station for the Disneyland Railroad.

All Ears Net has an excellent array of Main Street photos taken at Disneyland Paris.

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Coming soon: More on Disneyland Paris (Once Upon a Dream Parade); books on Disneyland Paris.


Blogger Irene said...

I really like the paint job they've done on these stores/shops. Some of it reminds me of the photos taken in San Francisco of the gingerbread houses on that one street.

12:24 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

I agree, I liked it very much. It's neat for Disney theme park fans as -- as shown in these photos -- Main Street in Paris is simultaneously familiar and unique. They did a beautiful job.

Best wishes,

12:31 PM  

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