Friday, July 10, 2009

Disneyland Paris: Frontierland

Continuing the journey through the lands of Disneyland Paris, it's time to explore Frontierland!

I covered much of Frontierland in my post on The Molly Brown, which also included peeks at the Mark Twain, the Keel Boats, Phantom Manor, and Big Thunder Mountain.

Here's a different look at The Molly Brown, with Phantom Manor in the background:

And a closeup of Phantom Manor:

Here's a sign advertising the Mark Twain, which wasn't running the day we visited:

Frontierland is fairly low in attractions -- for instance, it could sure use a Country Bear Jamboree, like they still have in Orlando.

Fort Comstock is akin to the forts on Tom Sawyer Island in the U.S. parks.

Frontierland does have a Shooting Gallery and playground. Here's the Shooting Gallery, which looks from this angle very much like the Anaheim version:

Frontierland also has a Railroad Station, but we were unable to ride the train because they only had one running and the wait time was an hour!

On the other hand, we rode Big Thunder Mountain twice!

The Paris edition of Big Thunder is very smooth. I was impressed.

Frontierland is home to one of the better restaurants in Disneyland Park, the Cowboy Cookout Barbecue, which is housed in a building which looks like an old barn.

The Silver Spur Steakhouse is pricey:

This is the Lucky Nugget Saloon:

As I've mentioned previously, although in a way it's too bad so many of my photos look gloomy, we were simply very, very happy that the heavy rain forecast for our entire stay didn't happen! There was a bit of sprinkling which is reflected on the ground in the Shooting Gallery photo, but the only time it really rained was one morning before the park opened.

I'll throw in a random comment here, while I'm thinking of it -- I went through Diet Coke withdrawal in France. It's not sold there! In its place, with the same silver logo, is something called Coca-Cola Light, and it tastes nothing like Diet Coke in the U.S. or U.K.; it has a very unpleasant aftertaste. After a couple bottles of it, I switched to water! This page has some information on the Diet Coke variations sold throughout the world.

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Coming soon: More on Disneyland Paris (Adventureland and Main Street); books on Disneyland Paris.


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