Thursday, June 18, 2009

Disneyland Paris: The Molly Brown

Yesterday I shared photos of Tuesday's cruise on the Mark Twain at Disneyland. I thought it would be fun to compare notes and take a look at the French version of the ride, as I resume my posts on Disneyland Park in Paris.

Disneyland Park has not one but two paddle-wheelers in Frontierland, the Mark Twain (named for the Disneyland original) and the Molly Brown:

Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing is on the Rivers of the Far West:

In Anaheim the Mark Twain cruises the Rivers of America.

Our ride was on the Molly Brown:

It's an interesting name for a boat, given the Titanic association, but on the bright side, Molly was unsinkable!

Pulling away from the landing:

Here's a great view of Phantom Manor, which is a Frontierland attraction in Paris. Click this or any of the photos to enlarge for a closer view.

There is a small "Boot Hill" to the right of Phantom Manor. The Haunted Mansion in Anaheim is part of New Orleans Square, while it's located in Liberty Square in Orlando.

And here's Big Thunder Mountain:

It was an overcast day, which means I didn't get the best photos possible, but we were simply grateful it wasn't pouring rain, as had been forecast!

It wasn't yet "high season" when we were there, the second week of May, so the Mark Twain wasn't running that day:

A view from the Molly Brown:

And more shots from the deck:

Disneyland Paris has keel boats!!! I have often wished Anaheim would bring the Mike Fink Keel Boats back from Yesterland.

The boats weren't open for a ride, but it was great to see them, nonetheless.

I hope those of you who are fans of Disneyland and Disney World will enjoy comparing notes with the European version!

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Coming soon: More on Disneyland Paris; books on Disneyland Paris.


Blogger Irene said...

Wow, Keel boats! You know the last keel boat that was rotting away on Rivers of America in Disneyland is now gone :(

Looks like their boats are better than the one I saw at Magic Kingdom. Can't remember what they call it there but I was not impressed.

Like the look of their Haunted Mansion, spooky old west feel. I wonder if the ride is the same inside. I know you don't go on HM but did anyone else in your group?

10:17 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

Yes, the College Girl went in Phantom Manor and thought it was very interesting -- parts of it are the same as the other versions (i.e., the "intro" section with the expanding room) and parts were very different. The "cemetery" section with the ghosts popping up was a Western ghost town! So they definitely carry on the "spooky old west feel" on the inside as well as with the exterior design. There is a "back story" unique to this version about a bride.

Haven't researched it to confirm, but daughter thought she'd read somewhere that the names in Boot Hill are the names of Imagineers who worked on the attraction.

The MK boat is called the Liberty Belle.

I was so happy when Disneyland brought the keel boats back in the '90s, but that didn't last long!

Best wishes,

10:32 AM  

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