Monday, July 27, 2009

Disneyland Paris: Once Upon a Dream Parade

The final entry in the photo tour of my May visit to Disneyland Paris is of the park's Once Upon a Dream Parade.

That afternoon was the most sun we experienced during our visit, so these photos look a little different than many of the photos I've shared here previously, which mainly feature gray skies.

As you can see, they really go all-out for the all-American look on Main Street in Paris, with a soda vendor dressed in an old-fashioned baseball uniform:

Mickey and Minnie greet the crowd to start off the parade:

I love Disney's Alice in Wonderland but found this float just a little bit creepy!


The Green Army Men precede the...

...Toy Story Float:

The floats are double-sided: this Pooh float -- one of my favorites -- is actually the back of the Toy Story float, while Pinocchio was on the back of the Alice float.

I also especially liked the Mary Poppins float:

Mary and Bert entertain the crowd with a dance:

If you'd like to get more of a sense of the parade, there are several YouTube videos available, including this one -- which also shows what the weather is often like at DLP (gloomy!).

It was a very good parade, although visually I found some of the designs -- such as the Alice float -- unsettling. It was definitely worth seeing and provided a nice way to relax after many hours spent on the go exploring the park.

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Coming soon: books on Disneyland Paris.


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