Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today at Disney's California Adventure: Blue Sky Cellar Update

After our day at Disneyland we paid a late afternoon visit to Disney's California Adventure, where we enjoyed ice cream cones and then went to see the recently updated exhibits at the Blue Sky Cellar.

The view at Sunshine Plaza:

The slogan at the bottom of the Blue Sky Cellar sign has changed from "Imagineering the Future" to "Just a Dream Away."

The newly designed dining area which will replace the former MacDonald's building and Pizza Ooh Mow Mow. You can also make out Silly Symphony Swings in the lower left corner which is currently under construction to replace the Orange Stinger. At the top right is Mulholland Madness, which will become Goofy's Sky School.

The Golden Dreams dome will be preserved as part of the new Little Mermaid building:

Now there's something I'd dearly love to have in my Disney mug collection, from WED Imagineering.

Some of the designs for the World of Color show (click to enlarge):

This design table shows some of the inspirations for the show, including a wonderful vintage World of Color game:

Alice in Wonderland will feature prominently in the World of Color show:

The multimedia presentation in the Blue Sky Cellar includes a movie...

...and models. Here the water in front of Paradise Pier shows where the World of Color show will be presented.

If you click on a post from February you can see how the model has changed since that time.

A map on display showing how the park will look a few years from now:

The changes at California Adventure, including the Blue Sky Cellar itself, are all terrific. The next few years will be very exciting as the park sheds its original "non-Disney," "edgy" design and turns into a beautiful full-fledged Disney theme park with wonderful new attractions.

Previously: Today at Disney's California Adventure: Blue Sky Cellar (February 20, 2009); Imagineers Launch Blue Sky Cellar Website (July 20, 2009).


Blogger Irene said...

I think DCA is going to be terrific when they get all this stuff completed. I'm looking forward to visiting Blue Sky Cellar next week. And by the way, I've been picked to participate in an AP Survey at Disneyland (coincidentally next week the day I was planning to go anyway) and after I'm done with what they want me to do and take a survey there, they will pay me $75!!!

12:55 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

What a wonderful opportunity, Irene! I have done many focus groups over the years with a couple of local companies who conduct them for various businesses, and it's a fun way to earn some extra money. What I wouldn't give to do an AP Survey! (If there's not a confidentiality issue, I'd love to know the kinds of topics they're interested in if you'd like to drop a line...)

Hope to see you out there again soon.

Best wishes,

1:04 PM  

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