Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Greatest Christmas Films

John Nolte of Big Hollywood is counting down his favorite Christmas films each day this month.

I can't say I agree with a lot on his list thus far -- WHITE CHRISTMAS way down at No. 25?! -- but part of the fun of lists is seeing how other people rate and prioritize movies.

I particularly enjoyed Nolte's post on PRANCER. It came out when our oldest daughter had just turned a year old, and I remember my husband watched her so I could slip off for a couple hours of down time at a Saturday matinee. I loved the movie, especially Sam Elliott. I should pull out our video this year, I haven't seen it for a long time.

Note: I can't seem to find a single link for all Nolte's Christmas posts; the tag link at the bottom of the posts only pulls up a few of the posts at a time.

I haven't made my own list of favorite Christmas movies, but WHITE CHRISTMAS is surely at the top. (How Nolte can see it as slow or talky is beyond me...oh well!) More favorites were listed in last week's post on Christmas movies.

A favorite film I didn't mention last week: the 1972 TV-movie THE HOMECOMING, which preceded the series THE WALTONS. It's a gem with pitch-perfect performances from top to bottom. It's available on DVD.

December 15th Update: There's now a direct link for Nolte's entire list of favorite Christmas movies.


Blogger Matthew Coniam said...

For me it's White Christmas - which I saw last Christmas for the first time in my life!!! - along with The Apartment and Holiday Affair with Janet Leigh and Robert Mitchum. The latter is a really charming film that, I'm delighted to see from the blogosphere, is slowly making a reputation for itself after decades of dismissal, kind of like It's a Wonderful Life did, I guess.

5:22 AM  
Blogger Laura said...

I'm so glad you caught up with WHITE CHRISTMAS last year, Matthew. I just added a link to the post this morning in which I describe some of my memories of that movie through the years.

HOLIDAY AFFAIR is a film I just discovered myself within the last few years. I picked up the DVD on sale last year so that we would have it on hand to watch every Christmas. I agree with your thoughts, it's really a wonderful movie.

THE APARTMENT is one I still haven't seen -- that's a fun addition to a Christmas movie list.

Best wishes,

1:27 PM  
Blogger Ed South said...

Prancer is such a great movie. I hadn't seen it in quite a few years but I shared it with my kids this past weekend. Elias was really into it but wouldn't admit he liked it because it didn't have any bad guys or fighting. (Tanner fell asleep during the FBI warning)

I'm also a big fan of Holiday Inn, which I enjoyed much more than White Christmas. My very favorite Christmas movie is "Ernest Saves Christmas". An odd choice, I know, but it came out when I was 14-15? and I've watched it almost every year since!

6:14 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Thanks for your comments, Ed! It's fun to hear which movies top different people's lists.

I've really got to take a look at PRANCER again soon. :)

Best wishes,

6:16 PM  

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