Monday, March 29, 2010

Bits of Entertainment News

Odds and ends to start the week...

...Turner Classic Movies accidentally showed a commercial Sunday night. Apparently it was a technical error.

...Beau Bridges has been cast as Rocky in the upcoming TV remake of the classic series THE ROCKFORD FILES. Rocky was memorably played by Noah Beery Jr. in the original show.

...I enjoyed John Nolte's tribute to the late Robert Culp's character on THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO, Bill Maxwell.

...At Classic Montgomery Carrie has an interesting link to a YouTube page with a bunch of Ray Milland movies. The list includes THE GILDED LILY (1935) and HER JUNGLE LOVE (1938) which I've been wanting to see. I took a look at a little of THE GILDED LILY and the print is very good.

...Actress June Havoc has passed away. Havoc was 97. Her films include HELLO FRISCO, HELLO (1943), reviewed here earlier this month, and also MY SISTER EILEEN (1942), NO TIME FOR LOVE (1943), GENTLEMAN'S AGREEMENT (1947), and THE IRON CURTAIN (1948). Havoc was the younger sister of Gypsy Rose Lee; their lives were dramatized in the musical GYPSY.


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