Saturday, June 05, 2010

Coming to DVD: Ellery Queen (1975)

Great news from TV Shows on DVD: confirmation of the rumor that the fondly remembered mystery series ELLERY QUEEN, starring Jim Hutton and David Wayne, is coming to DVD. It will be released on September 28th.

The beautiful cover art brings back memories of the show's opening credits sequence, which was set to theme music by Elmer Bernstein.

The 6-disc set will include the pilot movie and a collectible booklet.

The cast also included John Hillerman (later of MAGNUM, P.I.) in a semi-regular role as radio detective Simon Brimmer.

Many wonderful actors from the golden age of Hollywood guest-starred in the carefully plotted, stylish mysteries. Ray Milland, Don Ameche, Anne Francis, Jack Kelly, Farley Granger, Ida Lupino, Craig Stevens, Donald O'Connor, Julie Adams, Roddy McDowall, Tab Hunter, Lloyd Nolan, Dane Clark, Robert Alda, Dana Andrews, Rudy Vallee, and Walter Pidgeon are just a few of the names who appeared on the show during its too-short run.

"The Adventure of the Mad Tea Party," guest starring Larry Hagman and Rhonda Fleming, seems to be an episode many people I know particularly remember. This episode is invariably mentioned when the series comes up for discussion.

This is a "must buy" for me. Those who haven't seen this series before are in for a treat.


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