Sunday, August 29, 2010

TCM at the Symphony: Celebrating 20th Century Fox at the Hollywood Bowl

Next weekend the TCM at the Symphony series comes to the Hollywood Bowl.

On Sunday evening, September 5th, Turner Classic Movies host extraordinaire Robert Osborne will preside over The Big Picture: The Films of 20th Century Fox.

The concert will be conducted by David Newman son of legendary Fox composer Alfred Newman. Alfred Newman wrote the Fox fanfare as well as some of its best-known music, including scores for STREET SCENE, YOUNG MR. LINCOLN, and BRIGHAM YOUNG; the music from those films was reused in numerous other Fox films. Alfred Newman's brothers, Lionel and Emil, were also well-known film composers.

The music on the program has not yet been announced.

Our family bought tickets today, and we're looking forward to enjoying the concert on Labor Day weekend. The opportunity to see Mr. Osborne in person is an added bonus, after enjoying him for so many years on TCM.

Thanks to my parents, I visited the Bowl many times when I was growing up, and my husband and I continued to visit regularly in the early years of our marriage. Over the years, when our own children were younger, the Bowl grew more expensive and it was difficult to obtain tickets to the most popular concerts, so the Bowl dropped off our summer "to do" list.

Our oldest daughter attended the annual Tschaikovsky Spectacular with friends last weekend and had a great time; we were amazed she was able to get tickets the day of the performance! At one point it was very hard to get tickets to that event without buying a ticket package for multiple concerts. Perhaps the current economy has made Bowl tickets more accessible. I hope we'll be able to visit again next summer.


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